Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Family Love Village Has a New Home!

Yep it's true!! After many, many months searching and searching, the search has finally come to an end. And the Family Love Village (FLV) can now create new beginnings at our new home! I'm extremely excited to announce that Jennifer Kelly and her husband, Todd have opened their loving arms to us at their breathtaking yoga studio, The Yogi Tree in Toluca Lake. I did my best to try and stay centrally located for most of the families. Unfortunately I couldn't find it central enough to those that live further out but that was a tough one to do.  Perhaps those that live further out might feel that once a month to commune with like-minded families who support and want to learn more ways of conscious parenting might find this worth the trip. OR perhaps those that live further out, might feel compelled to start your own family village in your city (or perhaps you know someone that might want to become a leader). If you or you know of someone that would be interested in becoming a leader of your own village, please send them my way so I can give them support in co-creating it together.

Ok sorry - went on a tangent there...LOL Back to our new is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL space! With a separate room (which is the healing room) where our kids can play. This healing and loving space resonates so well with our village! I am truly grateful to Jennifer and Todd. I also want to thank Crystal for suggesting the studio and for introducing me to Jennifer and Todd.

We also have the opportunity to use permanent childcare services for our monthly gatherings. The cost is $30 for 1 caregiver for 2 hours which is a steal when you think about it. Of course the more families that RSVP with their children, the less the parents have to pay.  And if more than just 1 caregiver is needed then I will do my best to make it as cost effective as possible (yet still allow the caregivers to make a decent income for themselves, as well).  I truly feel though that the opportunity to get a free presenation from professional experts and the opportunity to receive holistic, conscious and eco-friendly knowledge for you and your family truly is a great deal for childcare that normally would cost more anywhere else (not to mention if you were to pay for a workshop on this knowledge).  I'd like to thank Dawn Stevens for all her amazing efforts to get us childcare services for future gatherings! 

AND the best part of the childcare services is that I am committed to making sure that the caregivers that watch over our children are open to learning and following the same core beliefs of gentle guidance to our children as does the Family Love Village!

I also wanted to express my appreciation here and thank each and everyone of you for making the village what it is. Because without you and your willingness to learn a more conscious, holistic and eco-friendly lifestyle, the village wouldn't be what it is today. So thank you for being such an integral part of the village and here's to many wonderful experiences in our new home!

Much love to you all,
Your fellow villager,

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