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Can Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), Chiropractic Healing and Nutrition Influence You & Your Family's Overall Health?

Dr. Campbell and his beautiful wife/assistant, Jacquot
Dr. Timothy R. Campbell, D.C. is a licensed chiropractor in the state of California.  He has been in practice for the last twenty-six years.  After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, he continued at Cleveland Chiropractic College teaching for three and one half years.  He taught chiropractic technique, principles and practice, and was a clinician in the school clinic helping student doctors perfect their techniques and diagnostic skills.
His formal education includes a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Cal Poly, Pomona, and post-graduate studies in Chiropractic Orthopedics (Board Qualified), Applied Kinesiology, Thompson Terminal Point, Neuro Emotional Technique, Contact Reflex Analysis, Cranial-Sacral Technique, Homeopathy, Herbs, Vitamins, and Nutrition.Dr. Campbell resides and has a private practice in Sherman Oaks, California.

We all store emotions within our body that can lead to imbalances in the nervous system. These imbalances often express themselves as energy / meridian blocks, disease, and pain.  Dr. Timothy Campbell shared with us the benefits of Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) and relieving physical pain associated with emotions.  He mentioned that clearing emotional blocks can affect our health on a physical, mental and spiritual level. He also stated that NET combined with the benefits of chiropractic healing and nutrition (the Triad of Health) are relative to one another.

The Base of the Triad:
The base of the triad deals with Structure of the human frame.  It deals with the base of the spine which is the sacrum and the illium, the spine, and the cranium (skull bones).  80% of the nerve system is encased in the cranium, consequently it has a big influence on your well being. The TMJ (temporomandibular joint) and the extremities make up the rest of the structural aspect.

The Left of the Triad:
The left side of the triangle deals with the Biochemical and/or the nutrition. This can have an effect on how well all the organs and hormones function in the body. This in turn determines how well the body eliminates toxins from normal body metabolism.  A backup of toxins in the system can produce a myriad of symptoms in the body.Therefore good nutrition and vitamin supplementation is imperative in these stressful times in which we are living.

The Right of the Triad:
The right side of the triangle deals with the Mental and the emotions of the individual which can have an effect on the other sides of the triangle. As a result the emotions can have an effect on the structure precipitating a chronic low back problem. Or the mental/ emotions can have an effect on the chemical aspect of the body.

  • What we input in our bodies (i.e. proteins, fats, cho's, minerals, vitamins, probiotics, nucleotides, water and fiber), what our outputs are (i.e. feces, urine, lungs, mucous and skin), metabolic waste and lifestyle (i.e. chemicals, toxic metals, radiation, pathogens and allergens).  If someone is getting sick all the time, he/she may have a messed up gut.  So having good quality probiotics is a must. 
  • Number one reason why people come into Dr. Campbell's office is because people are dehydrated.  If you're dehydrated, you're not polar to begin with.  We are made up of about 80% water.  Ideally if you're urinating 4 times a day, you're losing about 8 ounces each time.  So 8 x 4 = 32.  So you're losing about a quart of water there.  And you figure with just the moisture that comes out from just breathing that would be another quart there.  And if you do any type of exercise and are perspiring, there's about another 1/2 to another quart.  So we are about 3 quarts down with water a day.  As we get older, people start losing height on their vertebrae and we wonder why and it's because those disks are made up of about 70% water.  As you're going along through your life and not intaking enough water, when you hit 50-60 years old, you have dehydrated disks, it's pretty tough to rehydrate them.  
  • The number 2 reason that people come in to his office is sugar.  People are intaking too much processed sugar, even agave is now considered just like white sugar.  ADD & ADHD - all these issues are controlled by diet.  To neutralize people and kids that have been diagnosed with ADD & ADHD: take B-Complex, use good quality oils, keep them hydrated and change their diet.  Soy oil and canola oil are bad for you and are inflammatory and toxic.  If you're going to cook with oil, use coconut oil, peanut oil or grape seed oil  - these 3 options can handle heat.  Do NOT cook with olive oil.  It doesn't do well with heat and becomes carcinogenic and causes more pollution and toxins within the body.  If you cook with olive oil, it breaks down.  
  •  Chemtrails - Dr. Campbell started noticing that alot of patients were starting to come into his office sick starting from November until the present.  So he started doing research (along with my hubby, Dalmacio) and discovered that chemtrails could be the cause for so many people getting sicker these days more frequently.  One of the chemicals that the chemtrails are spraying is aluminum.  Their concept is that aluminum will bounce the UV back into space.  But what ends up happening when the aluminum comes down to the earth is cars start kicking the stuff up which is intoxicating to the nervous system, clogs it up and backs it up.  So if you do immunizations and have done 5 consecutive flu shots that is 5 years in a row which means your chances of Alzheimer's Disease goes up 70% percent by the time you hit old age.  Not only does it have aluminum but also mercury and barium (which is a toxic metal that shuts down the immune system) and other chemicals in it.  Bees are very sensitive to barium and their guts are pretty sterile.  There has been an analysis recently and they are finding barium.  Bees as we know pollenate all our flowers, plants and helps our food supply so you can imagine if they have barium in their system, what is being transferred into our food system?  As a preventative, if you take Alpha Lipoic Acid (300mg) once or twice a day it will help to get rid of the heavy metals in your system.  But you must also take cilantro to help as a gravitator to putll out the metals by urinating or deficating it out.  You can either get fresh cilantro, capsules or tinctures ( the alcohol-base absorbs quicker).  As a side note, you need to be very careful of the source of blue green algae you take because it can be infinitive for pulling stuff into the body (i.e. mercury) so that it can chelate through your IV or it will seep somewhere else.  So going to back to the benefits of cilantro - it helps to get it out of your system.  
  • Dr. Campbell suggests not vaccinating your children because they still put aluminum and mercury in several of the vaccines.  If you're wanting to bring up your child holistic, make sure they have enough sleep, healthy diet and good probiotics for a healthy gut, you wont need these vaccines.  Coconut oil is good to help with the digestive tract because just like mother's milk, luric acid helps the immune system.  
  • Onions and garlic are good for your liver (has alot of sulfur in there).  It helps to kill parasites, bacteria and viruses.  But if you do garlic pills, you have to make sure it is NOT odorless because it doesn't do anything.  
  • Fish oil is good for you and you need oils in your system.  Everyone thinks that oil is bad for you and that raises your cholesterol but cholesterol is not the bad guy. Sugar is!  Sugar screws up your oil balance and then screws up your hormones.  So when consuming fish oil, crack it open to intake the oil.  When you do this it absorbs through your system 80% as opposed to swallowing the capsule- which only gives you 20%. If you get your vitamins in liquid form, it brings it up to about 90% absorption.   
Naya is definitely a yummy sweetener!  That's for sure! ;)

  • Which are good sweeteners and which ones are bad?  Agave and white sugar that have been through an acid wash which makes it white are both bad.  Yep - Agave folks.  To learn more about why it is bad, go to Agave Nectar: Good or Bad?  The good ones are dark sugar cane, stevia, xylitol .  Please note to make sure xylitol is kept away from dogs!  Aspartame (which now is called to amino sweetener) breaks down into formaldehyde and formic acid (formic acid is like what the ants do when they bite you and give you viruses and formaldehyde is the stuff they embalm the deceased with).  To paint a more clear picutre, Monsanto makes Asparatme (a.k.a. Amino Sweetener).  I don't think I need to go further after that statement, right?!
  • Speaking of Monsanto, for those that are not aware of this, they make alot of GMO (genetically modified) grains, such as: wheat, barley, rye, spelt, and corn amongst other things (i.e. remember Agent Orange and RoundUp?  Yep the same company).  Anyways, gluten  has component parts called gliadin molecules which are a protein that acts like a foreign bug/bacteria to us.  So the immune system goes into red alert.  They started showing CT scans and found that a normal brain is variations of light grey and black but if somebody has a reaction to gluten, what they've found is that the brain lights up like a bulb.  Which means there is alot of inflammation.  They've also found a cross reaction with milk - so if somebody has gluten problems, leaky gut, digestions problems, constipation, or diarrhea - they most likely have a gluten issue.  
  • There are alot more health issues these days, ie. Autism, vaccinations, gluten, milk, all the different pesticides and herbicides that clog up the system.  If you look at a 3rd world country and most of their diet is raw, they are alot healthier than the U.S.  The U.S. is the 41st in the world as far as health and we're the most expensive healthcare system in the world.  And guess who controls it all?  Pharmaceuticals and AMA.  Just know they cannot make you take vaccinations.
Dax & Jessica

  • Examples of metabolic wastes are chemicals, toxic metals, radiation, pathogens and allergens.  Examples of toxins in lifestyle are drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc.  Did you do alot of heavy drugs?  How much did your body get exposed to the above and how did your body react to this stuff.  If you are taking alot of pain killers, it starts to shut down your nervous system and is doing yourself a disservice.  If you want to do something with pain, get into Tumeric, white willow, etc.  This is the nutritional side of the Triad of Health.
  • Structure -most chiropractors focus on structure.  Dr. Campbell focuses on more than just the structure.  He gets into the cranial, pelvis and TMJ.  Cranial bones move.  Anytime you breathe out, your bones move.  Alot of patients come in for TMJ, like a pendulum on a clock.  If you're pelvis goes out and cranium is trying to balance, the TMJ is going to try and balance the rest of it.  So you want to keep everything over the pelvis so that you don't look like you're walking sideways.  TMJ - grinding the teeth (have alot of nerve endings there) -the body is trying to grind (i.e. brushtism) the cranium in place.  Alot of csection babies have cranium issues - cranium bones don't compress when doing csections.  Might want to get a bite plate guard at night (called a warming fit).  Bottom night plate - put on the lower instead of the upper because the upper can stuff the cranial motion.  
  • Immune system is usually 60% in the digestive tract so if you check stomach, small intestine, large intestine that will tell you how your immune system is doing.
  • Kangen water is trying to get you into alkaline type state.  Alot of medical establishments put you on drugs to shut down the hydrochloric acids though the PH in the gut should usually be around 3-4.  If you take antacids like Malox, Tums, Pepto Bismol, Predaset,  it changes your gut into an alkaline state right off the bat.  But the reason why they're getting the heartburn is because the pyoloric (sp?) valve isn't getting the hydrochloric acid to get that PH balance up so what happens is you end up stewing like a pot.  And then it overflows and goes into the esophagus which could cause esophagus errosion.  To avoid this from happening (or ways that can help the situation), you need to pick up the hydrochloric acid and then get the acids in your stomach down by changing your diet, as well as taking Zinc and a B complex.  
  • Alot of times people drink beverages with their meals, and what happens is you dilute digestive enzymes.   If you drink Kangen water, you have to wait about 1 1/2 to 2 hours so you can wait for stomach contents to move out of there before you put the kangen water in there at PH 8 or 9 or else you could get acid reflux issues.  Everything has to be in balance - especially with what foods you eat Some great alkaline foods are: vegetables, salads, avocados, coconut, and almonds.  If you eat acidic foods like chicken, fish, and turkey, you need to mix this with alot of vegetables.  You can't just mix your acidic foods with grains because the grains are all acidic again.  Now there are alot of GMO's in  glutens which can lead to inflammation and getting Fibromyalgia.  Suggestion: Get more alkaline foods into your diet!
  • It is truly amazing how the organs relate to our emotions and how the emotions relate to our health issues.  Neuro Emotional Component (NEC) - this is best described from a website that I researched online.  See this link for further details on NEC and how Neuro-Emotional Technique can take you to a new level of healing where counseling may have left off.
  •  Dr. Campbell noted that in some cases, there is a psychological reversal.  For instance, if someone is dealing with depression, it could be caused by a sugar imbalance.  Therefore, the neuro transmitters aren't getting in and doing what they're supposed to do.  That's why there is Parkinsons, Dimentia, etc.

The next hour Dr. Campbell showed us how to muscle test.  Unfortunately this is where actually being present to experience how NET and muscle testing work would be most easiest to describe.  Going back through the recording, I would prefer to refer you folks to a couple of websites to learn more about NET and muscle testing to better explain the process and how to do it.  I also thought it would be easier to share a couple of videos to describe it much clearer than me trying to go through the last hour of our gathering's recording to decipher the important information.  Plus, I have to admit, it did save me a lot of time - especially with my crazy busy schedule.  And to tell you the truth, that was one of the reasons why I procrastinated waaaay too long in finishing this post.  I finally told myself, I have to find a solution that can easily describe NET without having me go through and play, stop,, stop, type for 2-3 hours!  Phew - talk about a weight lifted off my shoulders on that one!  I mean, heck this is what it's all about right?  Being conscious and communicating in a conscious way!  So there you have it, not only did I find balance, I got my needs met and am finally, finally getting the dang thing posted on the blog to share with the rest of you folks!  So with that said, here you go:

For those who would like to learn how to do muscle testing on yourself, I found a few links that could help you with this. 

  1. Muscle Testing.  
  2. How to Muscle Test 
  3. Kinesiology Tips
  4. To learn about the history of Applied Kinesiology, Applied Kinesiology: In Retrospect.
       And to learn more about Dr. Campbell and his practice, go to his website.  He truly is amazing!  My husband and I have been going to him for the past few years now and is considered our general doctor.  Whenever one of my boys are sick (my husband or my son), I take them directly to Dr. Campbell to do his magic and every time they both end up feeling much better - physically, emotionally and spiritually!  It is so worth experiencing this for yourself for any type of illness, dis-ease, emotional stress, etc.
Below are some pictures of us having fun learning how to muscle test on each other.

Even babies and doggies were getting into NET! ;)