About Me

I am a soul spiritually experiencing life & learning to be present in each moment.  I continue to allow myself to be the highest expression of myself - as a mama, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a conscious citizen.  I am on a continuous journey - learning to be in a constant flow of abundance & positive energy for myself and my family.  My sole/soul inspiration for my beautiful obsession with writing & creating an even more holistic, organic & green lifestyle stems from our lil munchkin (and I thought I was obsessed before. Ha!).  I am most fulfilled when I’m expressing myself through my art, whether it's through fire performing, spoken word, dancing and/or through my meditative writings on my blogs.  And now I am even more passionate about sharing my eco-friendly findings and supporting families on our quest for consciously holistic parenting, gentle guidance and sustainable living.  I am committed to making a difference with our planet carbon footprint, 1 cloth diaper, 1 green toxic-free toy at a time.  And I am committed to making a difference with my soul imprint, one love beat at a time.  We ALL have something that ignites within us that we can call LOVE/PASSION/CREATIVENESS...all it takes is the fuel to ignite it.