More About FLV

Yes, children ARE our future. But it’s within the present moment where positive transformation needs to occur in order for us to give birth to a future that thrives. It is “the survival of the fittest” old way of thinking that has stumped our growth. We need a conscious collective to shift us into a new thought – one that evolves us towards uniting ALL living things.

Yes, it truly does take a village to raise a child. Unfortunately in our modern society, most families don’t get the opportunity to have many members of a village for support. Raising a child can have its challenges - add other siblings or family members to take care of (not to mention getting our own needs met) and it can get a little overwhelming!

We here at the Family Love Village are committed to creating “villages” around the world to help give support to families who prefer the gentle guidance and eco-holistic approach. We strongly encourage and believe in connecting and building a strong bond with our children (and ourselves) by educating ourselves and living by example through loving, positive and conscious resources. By doing this, we can help to generate a loving, positive and conscious future! Not just for our children and their children’s children but for ALL living things on Planet Earth. But this vision can only exist if we create it NOW! So let’s begin by modeling a tender, holistic, and sustainable environment for our children to thrive in – let’s begin by “being the change we wish to see in the world”!