About the Family Love Village

The Family Love Village (FLV) is a cohesive community where like-minded families and caregivers support one another and educate ourselves on the heart principles of conscious parenting with a gently guided approach to communicating with our children along with eco-holistic living.

Our global mission is to connect families together who are passionate and/or willing to learn about various ways to role model and nurture FLV's heart principles of conscious parenting and living.

FLV believes in the roots of natural, holistic, positive, eco-friendly, attachment and conscious parenting choices. It’s a sacred place where judgments are left at the door and loving trust and bonds are formed. It's a forum where we can discuss and share our concerns, frustrations, and triumphs, as well as create the space to be open to learn more tools that help guide us on this cognizant parenting journey – knowing that we’re not alone on this parenting path!

Our monthly potluck gatherings consist of a medley of enlightening tools to support our heart principles through integrating the following:

1) Coordinating guest speakers who share their wisdom on topics that harmonize with our beliefs

2) Introducing books, dvds, websites, and other mutual resources that align with our beliefs

3) Playdates For a Cause – where we go out into our extended community and make a difference in the world. This allows us to not only give back to the community but we give back to our children, as well because they in return, receive the experience of conscious living.