Monday, August 30, 2010

Moving On Up to the West Side (Humming to the Jeffersons Theme Song)

Hi everyone! Yes I've been a very terrible host these past few months and I have to admit it has been challenging writing in both my blogs. But I have very valid reasons! 1) I'm a mama to a very active 19 month old boy, 2) writing in 2 blogs with this mama brain of mine can create writer's block at times, and 3) we just recently moved!!! The last answer has definitely taken up alot of my time this past month. But I do want to apologize to all of you for not having the capability or creativeness to write...but that's about to change. ;o)

This post is gonna be short and sweet because I'm completely exhausted each night after a fulltime job, making dinner, getting my lil man to sleep and then trying to unpack at least one box a night...

What I wanted to express is how amazing the Universe truly is...and if we truly listen to the settle signs She gives us, we can truly manifest our dreams into fruition! This move is a wonderful example of this. For quite some time now, Dalmacio and I have been talking about how we want to move closer to the beach and in nature...and well, now we have both. We're about 5 minutes away from the beach yet peacefully isolated within the beautiful, breathtaking mountains.

Everything basically fell into place for us with this move. Our last place we were living at was nice and had its perks with a big kitchen and a laundry room with a washer and dryer but after 2 years living next to a neighbor who constantly yells at her kids was starting to take its toll on us.  Especially Andrik who was now fully aware of the negative energy and getting affected by it. Our 2-year lease was coming up and we would've had to sign another 2-year lease and I couldn't bare the thought of living another 2 years next to a woman who verbally abused her children.  And just by chance (actually just by God's beautiful plan), a place went up for rent.  And even though the place is smaller than our old place, the beautiful environment and the community is so much more spacious and loving than two of those old homes put together!

So yes I've been on hiatus for a lot longer than expected or have wanted.  But being a mama + writer's block + unpacking + enjoying the fresh air and surroundings has consumed my every moment.  I'm actually ecstatic that I posted the last 2 events that happened in June and July over the weekend.  It took staying up until 3AM to write in both my blogs but I did it!  Probably something I won't do again - especially when you've got a cute lil man waking you up at 7 the next morning to play. But two days later and I'm very relieved that I'm all caught up in this blog.  August we didn't have any Family Love Village gatherings because of our move but we will be back in effect in September!  So yes my fellow villagers and readers, I'm back!  And ready to share, connect, dig my toes into the dirt and get grounded with all of you!

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