Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Visit to the Trails Before Summer Ends

Summer was sadly coming to an end.  And all the fun activities to do during this season would soon come to an end, as well.  Well ok so not all the fun would go away for awhile but definitely going to the beach and going swimming might be out of the picture (until it gets hotter).  So with summer ending and Fall beginning, I thought what better way to spend a sunny day than with my fellow villagers on a beautiful hike!  Since moving to Topanga, my family had yet to check out the beautiful trails and thought this would be a perfect opportunity for 1) the Family Love Village to get together for a playdate and 2) to finally get a chance to go on the trails and submerge ourselves in nature!

Saskia on the left, our newest members Lauren & Isaiah on the right (her hubby Jarreau was at work) and my beloved Chachi (our furry daughter)
Our fearless tourguide, Saskia lead us through the trails and gave us some great natural remedy tips with certain leaves and trees. 

Did you know:

1) That tobacco leaves actually have natural healing benefits to it?  When boiling the leaves and using the water to wash in your hair, it can kill lice in kid's hair and animals, as well.  I also read that it helps with honey bee bites and dog bites.  When mixed with turmeric, rock salt and honey, it can be a wonderful remedy for whooping cough (please bare in mind, there is a process to doing this - I found this website to be helpful: Tobacco Cures.  You have to scroll down almost to the bottom to read the information).

2) That mugwort leaves have alot of beneficial natural remedies to offer.  It helps with poison oak (which was very good to know since there was some poison oak where we were hiking).  It also helps with indigestion, travel sickness and it is an agent that stimulates menstruation by increasing blood circulation to the pelvic area and uterus and is a useful remedy for irregular menstruation, and menstrual cramping.  See Mugwort Remedies for further information on its benefits.  However, moms that are pregnant or still breastfeeding should not drink the mugwort in tea form since it is a natural uterine stimulant.  So I won't be using this anytime soon for cramps or indigestion but will use if it for my family in case we ever get poison oak.

This was definitely a good hike.  Not too hard yet we still got a good workout! 

Just look how beautiful the green mountains are!  Breathtaking!
After about an hour hike, we came back to the main house for more fun activities! 

While the lil ones played, the mamas prepared lunch. 

We also had the honor of Drew (an amazing singer and teacher) who gave us singing lessons.  There's Sonia singing happily away! :o)

Hmmm perhaps Sasha will try eggplant another day.  :o)

And then after eating some yummy lunch, we had a drum circle.

Andrik connecting with Lucas while Sasha connected with the camera! :o)

So the fun playdate had come to an end and so did summer.  But the Family Love Village gatherings are still coming...excited to share all the fun adventures for the next few months'  gatherings!  Excited to experience them and share with all of you.  :o)  See you in October!

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