Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer in the "Shade" - Sunday 7/18/10

The Family Love Village gathered for a fun playdate at a summer event called "Shade" - where the sandy beaches met the tides of good music and good vibes!  It was definitely a fun day where not only did the babies get to play in the sand but the mamas and dadas got to groove in the sand, as well!  A friend and well-known DJ within the community (Porter Tinsley) is known for throwing day events with house music.  When I heard this event was happening, I thought it would definitely be fun to get the families together and enjoy a day at the beach.  When I found out our very own villager, Travis Lea (a.k.a DJ FatFinger) was one of the headlining djs for this event, we definitely had to go and support!

DJ Daddy FatFinger and DJ Rylo on the 2x4's!
I love events like this where it's during the day and not only is there good music to dance to where you get to run into old friends but what is always a BIG plus is the fact these type of events are family friendly! 

I feel the best way to express this fun-filled day is to share through the pictures.  There is truth to that saying: "A picture is worth a 1000 words" - or something to that extent.

Here's a picture with Sonia, Sean & baby Sasha to the left, Dalmacio and Andrik in the middle along with Eva and Rylo to the right.  Travis must've still been djing.

Daddy and Andrik flying in the sky...

And here are a few pics of the babies solo:

Looks like someone is taking after mommy!

Sasha hooping!  And her mama ain't too bad either!  ;o)

Eva & Professor Rylo

 At the end of the day, if there's still a smile on your lil one's face, you've done something good!!  ;o)
Babywearing Mamas!!

Phew...what a day!  Dancing, building sandcastles, hooping...what a wonderful way to spend some family love time!  There will definitely be more of these precious moments to share and remember.  Until next time...

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