Thursday, December 8, 2011

FLV's Playdate For a Cause (PFAC): Wrapping From the Heart

Greetings FLVillagers!

As we enjoy this special time of year and take note of our incredible lives with gratitude in our hearts, let us look at how we can spread this abundance to our community, city, and planet.

One way is by donating and volunteering your time. Here is a fantastic website listing a number of well-established charities that makes it easy to do the research on what organizations might interest you: Charity Navigator.
How Our Village Can Be of Service -
Upcoming Playdates for a Cause (PFAC):

There are a few great organizations in need of our help and we are definitely open to suggestions.

I am in touch with a couple of local shelters that work with homeless women, teens, and children, (Good Shepard Shelter), as well as one for domestic violence survivors.

FLV is planning to gather gifts for all the mothers and children and would like to invite you and your families to be a part of this PFAC with us.

To stay within the spirit of our EAKK! (EcoArt Kidz Kollectiv!) Program, we are asking families to bring gently used items from your home. If you don't have anything gently used, we are requesting if you could please purchase something new that isn't wrapped in plastic. The items could be in the form of adult and children's clothes, toys, books, baby items, such as blankets, baby bottles, etc. It is our intention to provide 30 gifts for 11 mothers and 20 male and female children, ages 1-15.

We will be utilizing the philosophy of our EAKK! program by using recycled shopping paper bags, re-usable gift bags, newspapers, and any other recycled wrapping materials (i.e. burlap bags, etc) that you may have in your home to wrap the gifts instead of going out and buying wrapping paper. This PFAC also gives us an opportunity as creative inspiration for our sprouts to draw pictures on the "wrapping paper" to give their own personalized touch.

We will be providing some wrapping materials, such as shopping bags, scissors (including some kid-safe scissors), tape, glue, and crayons but if you have some recyclable materials that you would like to bring to create more pizzazz for the sprouts to use, we would greatly appreciate it.

We will meet at The Yogi Tree for our "Wrapping From the Heart"event on Sun Dec 18th between 2 -4pm. Please bring your donated items and/or recycled wrapping materials. Holiday snacks to share are welcome, but optional.

We're excited that we will be able to help out several families in need and hope that you can join us for this PFAC!

Sincere Gratitude and Holiday Hugs!
From the FLVillage Team

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