Friday, February 18, 2011

Mark Your Calendars for Sat 2/19/11: Igniting the Spark After Becoming Parents

Hi everyone! Please mark your calendars for a very special gathering in February.

The topic: Igniting the Spark After Becoming Parents

Sometimes when parents get overloaded with taking care of their lil ones, running errands, working fulltime (or part-time), bringing the kids to their game or recital, getting food on the table, getting the kids ready for bed and cleaning the house – they tend to become so exhausted that they l...ose sight of themselves and their partners. Sometimes a quick peck on the lips is all that we have energy to give to our significant other or sometimes we even neglect ourselves with our own self-love and care. Before these precious lil souls entered our lives, we were able to have more opportunities to take care of our own needs and share loving and connecting moments with our partners. So the question is, how can we ignite that spark back into our lives with ourselves and our partners and create a balance between being a parent and a spouse, as well as getting our own needs met?

In order for children to learn about self-love and how to create a healthy relationship with a significant other, this could be shown by the parents modeling this type of healthy interaction. I introduce to the Family Love Village, Dr. Cheryl Joy Bratman who will give us the tools on how to create this balance. She has been a very integral part of my own family’s journey and am extremely excited to share her abundance of wisdom to the village. And what better timing since it is the month of Love – near Valentine’s Day. But this even goes beyond this significant date – the importance of our love doesn’t necessarily have to be celebrated on one particular day or anniversary. Or even with a significant other. This gathering isn’t just for couples either. This is also for individuals wanting to create that healthy balance of self-love, as well! So let’s celebrate love everyday for ourselves, for our partners and for our children!

Dr. Cheryl Joy Bratman is a masterful healer, teacher and writer. She has been in private practice as a Chiropractor for 27 years and as a licensed Spiritual Practitioner since 1999. She works with individuals, couples and families doing body/mind/spirit healing which includes physical modalities as well as emotional and spiritual counseling. Formerly a trial attorney, her passion is public speaking and facilitation of groups on healing energy, spirituality and sexuality. She has been a Lead Facilitator for many accredited classes at the Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, California where she teaches Science of Mind principles and has been a monthly contributor to Agape’s “Inner Visions” publication for over ten years. Dr. Bratman lives in Los Angeles, California and is the mother of two young adult sons.

Below is a message she wanted to share to the village:

“I offer the February Family Love Village session to you as an opportunity to learn about and utilize various tools and techniques to further enhance your ability to express yourself clearly with your partner and get your own needs met. My intention is to inspire and assist you on your path of consciousness evolution, as a parent and spouse, by helping you develop excellent communication skills of compassionate listening and respectful speaking. I invite you to become a witness to your own experiences and to share your thoughts and feelings with integrity and honesty. By consciously choosing to open up more profoundly, you will be able to observe the transformational power of the Universal Source at work in your life. May your journey be blessed with love, joy and peace.”

WHEN: SATURDAY 2/19/2011

WHAT TIME: Presentation from 5pm-7pm and potluck afterwards.

WHERE: The Yogi Tree ~ 4475 Vineland Ave ~ Toluca Lake, CA 91602 ~ 818-760-0112


1. Something yummy to share for our potluck AND your own dishes (plates/bowls/cups/utensils). Majority of families have all agreed that to continue supporting one of our principles of being eco-friendly that the best way to do this is to bring our own eatery items instead of having to continuously buy this stuff that will end up in our landfill.

2. $$ for childcare services (if you will be needing this service)

PLEASE NOTE: Please RSVP if you will be using the childcare services. It is highly recommended so that the parents can fully focus on the presentation and get the abundant information given to us for free. I would need to know how many children and their ages. If you do decide not to use the service and will be bringing your child and they start to get a little noisy, then we will ask you to please go into the children's room with them. We ask that you do not leave your child there without your supervision, out of respect for the parents that have already paid for this service.

Also, we're excited to share that the hired caregiver is open to learning about FLV's core principle and that is gentle guidance with our cihldren. I felt it was important that this be an overall encompassing belief, not just for the parents but for whomever watches our children while the parents are in the workshops. Thank you.

We are so excited to see all of your beautiful faces and to share FLV's new home with you!! Please RSVP to the actual event invite that was sent out to you. Thanks a bunch!

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