Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and Its Medicinal Uses for the Whole Family

This educational, insightful, hands-on workshop will explore the medicinal uses for therapeutic grade essential oils. Jennifer Kelly will cover history of oils, medicinal uses for common ailments, why therapeutic grade versus aromatherapy quality and how you can rid your cabinet of harmful drugs.

As conscious parents, we want the best for our children. We want to keep them healthy and vibrant. Knowledge of therapeutic grade essential oils and their use gives us the power to take control of our health and teach our children to do the same. Her family has never used over the counter or prescription medications. They have always used essential oils for the care and well-being for themselves. We will explore how to rid our homes of toxic chemicals and replace them with clean vibrant essential oils. There will be a hands-on demonstration and a Q & A session.


•  Boost You and Your Child's Immune System
•  Relieve Stress and Tension for You and Your Baby
•  Get your Digestive System into Peak of Efficiency, Help With Colic or Gassy Babies
•  How to Reduce Fevers, Clear Ear Infections, and Other Common Childhood Issues
•  Replace Damaging Toxins in your Personal Care Products
•  Learn Anti-Aging Properties of Essential Oils

Jennifer Kelly, CPT, KRI Instructor, Postpartum Doula, Nutritionist - She started her journey towards health and alternative healing in 1998 when after becoming pregnant with her son. She chose to have a homebirth not knowing where it would lead. Thankfully, it has lead to a beautiful journey working with amazing people and sharing the information she has learned to facilitate healing and transformation.

Jennifer went on to study nutrition and therapeutic grade essential oils and received a CARE certification in Raindrop and Vita flex Techniques with therapeutic grade essential oils. She was starting to see amazing results for people, but knew there was more to learn. In 2004 Jennifer completed Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training and in 2006 Completed Post Partum Doula Training. She felt that she was getting closer to the right combination of body, mind, & spirit tools to really make a difference for her clients. It wasn't until she found and trained in FNRA, Functional Nutrition Reflex Analysis that she knew the journey to truth, health and joy was complete.

Jennifer is a Certified Personal Trainer and Kundalini Yoga Instructor trained in the Khalsa Way, a Certified Post Partum Doula and Nutritionist, and has been teaching, training, and working with private clients in the Los Angeles area for the last 8 years. The Khalsa Way emphasizes healthy birthing and child rearing using the ancient principals of Kundalini Yoga and combines well with her Postpartum Doula practice. She has studied FNRA and is extremely knowledgeable in nutrition as well as creating a healthy non-toxic environment for families. She has one birth child and has fostered 8 children over the past 10 years ages 13 weeks to 18.

WHEN: Saturday 11/19/2011

WHERE: The Yogi Tree ~ 4475 Vineland Avenue ~ Toluca Lake, CA 91602


1.$15 per family for the presentation

2.$8 per family if you plan to use the conscious childcare in the Sprout Lounge. Please RSVP at famluvvillage@gmail.com 2 days BEFORE the workshop

For Dinner, bring: Your own dishware to stay green and a healthy main or side dish for the potluck

For further details and/or questions, please email famluvvillage@gmail.com. Thank you.

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