Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Are you guys still here? Wow thank you a thousand times over for still wanting to check out what I passionately write about. It truly has been a busy few months for me so I do again apologize for not writing as much as I would like to.  There have been a lot of positive transitions for the Family Love Village and now have an amazing team of leaders, innovators, thinkers, doers and be-ers on board to bring our vision to the next level of elevation!   Which is why I have been on hiatus with writing in our blog so please be patient as I do my best to write and post from previous gatherings in the last couple of months.  I WILL get to them!  :o)

In the interim, I wanted to share something with all of you for some heart-warming inspiration.  I saw this on my cousin, Maya's blog, Urban Organica and I just had to share! Now this is what I'm talking about!! This 11 year old boy, Birke Baehr is truly an inspiration that all of us adults can learn from! This gets my heart pumping full of passion for what I am wanting to create here for the children of our village - especially since our children are the citizens of the world!!

And yes I do believe that this is the shortest post in history that I have ever written! LOL With that said, please enjoy the video.

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